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Carpe Diem at Joliet Sam's Club

Northbound traffic backs up on I 94 in Indiana

Illinois welcomes us
We also entered Indiana, but they didn't have a sign...

Illinois Tollway wants our retirement $$$s...

...and Bob gives it to them!

It was with some regret that we said goodbye to Carmen and Domingo. We'd availed ourselves of their generous hospitality for more than a week and it was time to move on. We were concerned about traveling through Chicago on the last day of a holiday weekend, so we elected to bite the bullet and complete that unpleasant chore today.

We departed the Davilas a bit after nine and gained an hour when we entered the Central Time Zone at the Indiana border. Our route included MI 13, I 69, I 94, and I 80. Total day's mileage, 298. The map in the home page shows us driving across Lake Michigan, but it is just point to point, we really stayed on dry land.

The traffic was delightfully light through most of Michigan but got heavier as we neared the Indiana/Illinois metro areas. Traffic northbound on I 74 was very heavy, but we southbounders kept going at the posted speed (and then some...) Even through Chicago was tolerably light.

We drove a dozen miles west of Chicago to Joliet and plunked down in a Sam's Club parking lot for the nite. We'll try to get an early start tomorrow and plan to be in Amana Colony, Iowa by early afternoon. Then a short 98 mile hop to Des Moines on Tuesday.

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