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A quote from Alexander Graham Bell that gives some insight into his...

First Canadian Hydofoil designed and built by Alexander Graham Bell, went 72+...

Lighthouse at entrance to Baddeck Harbour

Lois on the way to Uisge Ban falls

Uisge Ban falls (couldn't get any closer or away from the trees)

More of Uisge Ban falls

More of Usige Ban falls

Rainy, again this morning. We drove over to the town of Baddeck to the visitor's center and got information on the area. We went to the Alexander Graham Bell Museum here in Baddeck. We didn't realize that he had invented so much more than just the telephone. This was an excellent museum and he was truly a smart and very inventive man. He was born in Scotland, lived in Washington, DC but found a mountain on Cape Breton that reminded him of Scotland and built a 2nd home or summer home here. He eventually just moved here. That is why the museum is located here. His mansion is not open to the public but can be seen on a clear day across the bay from the museum area. From the museum, we had lunch in Baddeck and then learned about a waterfall hike just out of Baddeck on a dirt road. We found it, donned our rain gear and headed off in a light rain to see it. It was approximately a 2 mile loop. It was a spectacular waterfall as they have had so much rain here lately, the water was really rushing. Took several pictures and headed back to the campground. Will leave early in the morning to drive the Cabot Trail, approximately 185 mile loop. We have several trails that we may hike or may just locate for hiking the next day.

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