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We are not early birds but we didn't get on the road until 2 pm. You know how they say those little goofs come in three's....well we had our share today. First J.C. was loading the Gold Wing and I was not there to make sure the rear tire was lined up right and the bike road up on the lip of the lift and went over and down. The only damage was some scratches to the back of the left side view mirror. I sure am glad J.C. can whistle really loud. I was in the coach and knew he needed me for something.

Well, I can't recall exactly what got us distracted, but J.C. was filling the black tank for flushing and it overflowed into the coach. Fortunately he had already dumped the waste. Nevertheless, the rinse water still smelled. The bathroom rugs are thick all cotton that absorb a lot. Thank goodness. I got out the bleach and anti-bacterial soap and got to cleaning while the rugs were being washed.

So, we finish packing up and head out, finally. We get about 20 miles away and I realize I left the rugs in the dryer back at Amber Oaks. We had about a 220 mile drive ahead of us. So I called Kat and asked her to ship them to us.

Well that was three. I sure hope that is out of our system for awhile.

We had a wonderful vacation but it is good to be on the road again. We headed for a park which was confused about which name it wanted to use. Passport America had the park listed as Old Timber Campground. Their roadside bill board said Gibbons. That made finding the park a little confusing. It is grassy and nestled in trees with a lake but needs some serious TLC. The lake needed dredging or something because there were lots and lots of bugs. Glad we are only staying the night. I didn't even take any pictures.

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