Rikke and Moch in Africa travel blog

This is Rikke's dad in case any of you don't know what...

That's awsome.

Yeah. We made it. By the way, my heart is fine, I think, I hope. Just spent the last week with Rikke's father. Been great. He's been scammed twice, sort of. Gave some guys some money for nothing, basically.

Dar is a pretty cool city. I'm trying to eat as much ice cream as possible cause they don't really have that much anywhere else. Had three today. I'm thinking a good number is 10. It's super hot here. Like the hotest I've ever experienced, especially on zanzibar. Rikke and I made it in to Dar on the 4th and her dad didn't come in until the 7th so we spent two nights on a beach just south of the city centre.

It was like -30 in Winnipeg and + 35 in Dar. Nice.

So long suckers.

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