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The hostel we stayed in at Durban for the night. We didn't...

Today we had a major sort out of our new change of route.

We had planned to take our time up to Durban and then swing on over to Jo'berg for our flight on Sunday however we have now decided to keep on going up the coast past Durban to Swaziland as we are now going to try and get a Game Drive around Kruger Park.

Because of this we are pretty much going to be on the move until Thursday, which will be nice!!

We met a nice German called Michael who I played at pool, and was rubbish.

I only mention this as his reason for this made me chuckle. He said (in his strong German Accent) "I have the right idea, but the wrong hands!!!"

You had to be there!!

Anyway off to Durban late tonight for a quick stop over before our 11 hours coach journey up to Swaziland tomorrow.


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