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Troy's come home

Camp Ground at Troy's

Fish Cannery

Hobo Jim

Fishing the Kenia River

Sun 7-13

Moved north to Soldotna to a spot called Troy’s Friends . A large area just out of town owned by a local that is fighting with the city over a campground. They told him no on his request to build one, so he has graded this place on his property just out of town and put up a sign “Welcome Troy’s Friends “. News about free camping at this place has traveled by word of mouth, we heard about it in Homer from an Escapee friend. The place is about 50 yards off the Kenia River. They catch Kings, Reds and Silvers here in this river. Kings have been here and gone, Reds and Silvers are on their way. This is what I hear everywhere I go “their on the way” or you should have been here last week.

Last night we went into town and enjoyed the local talent at BJ’s. Hobo Jim was performing, quite a night, this is the second time we have seen him. Check out his web site “” and see when he might be in your area.

As I’m righting this the Gerould’s have pulled in beside us.

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