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Pt. Wilson Lighthouse

Bluff from the San Juan de Fuca Strait

Approaching Pt. Townsend

Charming downtown

Liked this old building on the bluff above the port

Downtown next to the marina

Clocktower/City Hall

Bridge on our day hike

Stephanie and David of s/v Cambria

Quicene on the 101 heading south

Mike and I with his sister Linda

Mike's brother in law Gary (white pants)

Linda doing a little line dance number

What a lovely place. Don't know how else to describe it.

Shortly after our arrival in Port Townsend, WA we decided to pick up our car from the last long term port of call....Newport, OR. It is about a 6.5 hr. drive unless it is raining, okay pouring. The rental car became an endeavor due to the fact Enterprise states they have a location here. But, no, Port Angeles serves Port Townsend. That meant 2 hours in bus transfers, etc. to get to the car. By 10:30 a.m. we were in business. So off we went. It was the longest marathon driving in pouring rain, on two lane roads with no street lights, a little bit of hydroplaning and my failing night vision to boot. By 3:00 a.m. we were back at the boat after returning the rental car. So we have wheels once again. New tires coming this week.

Our friends, Stephanie and David are tied up next to us and joined us for a day trip to Hurricane Ridge. As it turns out, we couldn't make it to the ridge due to a light snowfall the night before. Therefore, we took a drive and a hike just west and had a wonderful time. Beautiful surroundings here due especially to the end of the fall colors. Thanks to our friends who let us borrow a GPS for our day tour, we now own one too. What a lifesaver for us as we never know where the heck we are going without fumbling through various free city maps or giant AAA road maps. I highly recommend owning one of these babies.

Last weekend we drove 2.5 hours south, southwest to visit Mike's sister Linda and her husband Gary in Aberdeen, WA. We got to see her new house, enjoyed a 75th birthday party at their Elks Lodge and was able to hear her husband and his group sing. What a nice voice he has. They invited friends over that evening after the party and we were somehow awake till 3 a.m.

Did I mention I have learned to knit? Yeah, that's what the women here do. I am almost finished with my first Alpaca scarf. It is pretty exciting because I really need one here, they aren't just novelty look cute items. Mike wants a hat but I am afraid what that will look like with my skills but will somehow figure it out. He too wants it made of Alpaca. Found a different variety of 100% pure Alpaca yarn at the yarn store. It shows the name and picture of the Alpaca it came from which I found kind of funny.

Last night we clocked at least 45 kts. of wind on the beam as we are side-tied to the dock. Couldn't sleep much due to the combination of rigging, wind, rain, fenders and everything else rattling in the marina overnight. We hear that this will continue through Wednesday. Hopefully our solar panels will decide to stay with us. Mike has secured them hillbilly style with a series of ropes. As long as it works I guess it's okay for now.

We will be in Pt. Townsend until the end of November and will cruise over to Victoria on Vancouver Island (Canada) first of December due to Washington's crazy taxation laws. Please keep in touch and email now and again as we are shut ins from time to time and like the entertainment. Cheers.

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