Campbell Southwest Trip 2007 travel blog

Sunrise in Van Horn, TX KOA

Another Sunrise View

Campsite At Terlingua Ranch RV Campground

Campsite from a Distance

Campsite from Mountain Side - RV is white dot in distance

View Looking West from Mountain Side

Martha on Trail in Cut

View of Chisos Mountain Range to East from Cut

View Upward from Trail

Closeup of Barbed-Spline Plant

View from Mountain Trail - See our RV in distance.

View Toward West - Restaurant and Office in distance.

View to North from Restaurant Patio

Sunset Over Terlingua Ranch

Weather for Big Bend National Park, TX

Big Bend National Park Information

Information about the Chihuahuan Desert

Brewster County, TX Information

Map of Big Bend National Park Just north of the Park, see Terlingua Ranch where we are staying at the RV Park.

Roadrunner Bird Info for Mike L.

Hello Family and Friends from far west Texas,

Yesterday, Thursday, we drove from Van Horn, Texas to Terlingua Ranch RV Campgrounds, Texas just north of Big Bend National Park.

We drove many straight miles and topped off our diesel tank in Alpine, TX before heading south into the mountains and Terlingua Ranch. The ranch area is 191,000 acres of arid land and mountains and is 20 miles off of the main road from Alpine - the last miles being rough dirt/gravel. (I reduced the pressure in the truck tires from 80 PSI to 60 PSI to try to obtain a softer ride on the washboard road surface. I will pump them back up before we leave with the RV.)

We are on a mountain side by ourselves with Prickly Pear, Yucca, small barbed bushes, Quail and Javalinas. We have not seen any of the pig-like animals but there is plenty of evidence since they eat the persimmon red fruit with large seeds that are 'passed' and are deposited everywhere.

Martha and I walked up the mountain cut to see what was on the other side. It was the Chisos Mountain Range - the southernmost mountain range in the US.

We dined for date night at the ranch restaurant. The dress code was casual and we could enter if we had shoes and a shirt; shorts were optional. Kathleen ordered and enjoyed the best ultimate hamburger ever.

The ranch has a high and low water trough for deer and Javalinas that were suppose to drink at dusk. We waited but saw none before we entered the restaurant.

Today, we will visit the Chisos Basin. See attached map of the park.

Have a great Friday.

Steve and Kathleen

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