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The entrance to Gifu University Hospital -- the floor is heated so...

The monitor screen in Gifu -- high resolution, detailed information, and touch...

No more pagers in the hospital -- cell phones save time and...

2000 workstations, 1000 employees, Cameras in every ICU bedside -- including ER...

Commited to the quest for improving our communication and data management.

Gifu University Hospital is a 600 bed Acute Care FAcility with about 10 Operating Rooms and 6 ICU beds. The building is modern, beautiful, and clean.

The information system is not connected to the Internet. In order to minimize virus threats, there is only one computer in the hospital that can be used to download files into the system. The various servers for specialized funcions are all connected to the HIS, and there are ports throughout the hospital for downloading image information. All images are provided online, as opposed to just the pertinent images at NCCHD in Tokyo.

IBM partnered with Philips, and it seems to work.

Unique in this facility -- everyon in the ICU wears the little paper masks, mostly of social value.

Although I could not read the Japanese, the description and the images conveyed an impression of a very functional system. Anesthesia summaries are downloaded into the regular HIS -- rather than the complete record. Still, the summary was better than anything possible with paper.

When I went to Kuala Lumpur, I talked to an IT person at a connected hospital there, and she was very interested in taking a look at the two systems I visited.

This was a wonderful trip -- we took the Shinkhansen both ways, and then had dinner together at a Sushi bar. I would not have done this, had I not read about Kats' accomplishment in this area in Kester's book.

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