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San Ignacio Mission in the background

The ornate stone carving by the Guarani

A Cactus believe it or not!!!

Another view of the Mission

Salta to San Ignacio & the San Ignacio Mini mission

This was the bus journey we had both been a little wary of. It was to be a loooong 22hr slog across the top part of Argentina, and like all things here you cannot just go direct.

The first bus took us South to a place called Tucuman, a fairly endurable 4hrs.

Then the overnight sleeper (semi cama) from Tucuman to Posadas. Finally on from there by local bus to the San Ignacio mission.

For some unexplained reason, these long distance buses would be OK but for the people on them. There is ALWAYS someone who snores at 250 decibels (sorry Phil if you're reading this). They usually keep everyone else awake & then in the morning exclaim what a really good nights sleep they've just had...

Of course, not forgetting the guy with the mobile phone who receives calls at 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock & 5 o'clock in the morning... He of course, HAS to shout down the phone too. Then when not calling he has to TX constantly with his phone on MAXIMUM bleep setting. Arrrrrrrrrgh

The mood was somewhat lightened by other experiences though. There is of course BUS BINGO, to keep you amused... thankfully our Spanish numbers came in handy.

Then there are the¨"special" moments. Like standing in the toilets (with a big window in them) as the bus pulls into a motorway toll station. I stare & smile at the attendant & then the bus pulls away again. Of course, thinking of Fi, when she was caught in the toilet of a bus with a full sized window, when it stopped & everyone got off to take photos of the scenery. Some people got more bush than they bargined for....

Ok... so by now you've probably noticed that we have had hair cuts.. are they nice or what??? Salta Special Style...

The Missions...

We stayed in San Ignacio so that we could visit the best restored of all the Jesuit Missions in the area. After arriving in San Ig, we dumped the bags & had a good walk around the ruins. Very beautiful & peaceful.

Then later in the evening we returned to see the Sound & Light show, which is really just a guide commenting & some spotlights on the ruins (with a little background music).

We were utterly swamped by a group of 73 school children, who thought these 2 visiting British people were much more interesting than the ruins... Lots of 'Beckham this', 'Manchester United that'... and of course one kid says ... 'Malvinas'(Falklands)...

All good fun though.

Tomorrow we transfer off to Puerto Iguazu, the Argentine side of the Iguazu Falls...

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