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the beaches at ko phi phi from a viewpoint above

andreas and i taking in a thai boxing match

arrived on Koh Phi Phi (pronounced pee pee, not fee fee. yes, its funny at first, but that wears off) yesterday. its a cool place, nice beaches, but a little spendy. i met up with andreas again and two more of his friends from sweden. the room im staying in is like the taj mahal compared to the bungalow at the reggae house on Koh Lanta. its money well spent. the tsunami showed up here in a big way and its not hard to notice. it hit both major beaches, one more than the other. they are stil rebuilding. a few days before i arrived, there were some earthquakes in the area and the tsunami alarm sounded (there was no alarm before, there is now). apparently, everyone was running for the hills. i guess thats what youre supposed to do. looking around, there are signs reading "tsunami evacuation route" pointing the way to higher ground. coastal alaska has similar signs. anyway, its interesting to see the definitive line between what has been rebuilt and what has been merely 'cleaned up'. at first, forgetting about the tsunami, you wonder why they dont clean the place up a bit. i mean, come on, get it together! but then you remember the wave and you realize theyve done alot, even though it has taken a while.

if any of you have seen the movie "The Beach", Ko Phi Phi (pee pee, haha) is where it was filmed. that alone has brought alot of visitors to this place. watch the movie and youll wanna come, too. ill be leaving tomorrow for the mainland. not sure what ill do when i get there. find a place to go, i reckon. going to play frisbee now.

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