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Fortunately as we had been delayed for over an hour, it was straight to the connecting flight. On board I got my PSP out as this was a 5 odd hour flight. Glad I did as the movie they had on was 'Lucky You' which I have seen. By the way, they don't hand out ear phones for you to use. If you want to listen to the movie you have to buy a personal set for $5. You also have to buy your meal. I had quickly picked up a chicken focacia before boarding so was set.

So eventually I arrived in LA. I grabbed my luggage which took ages and headed to the shuttle pick up. After waiting a while and watching many other shuttles come and go, I asked the couple next to me if they were by chance waiting for the same as me. They were so that made me feel better. They also let me know that another girl was also going there and had called them. I went over and asked her what they said.

Her name is Andrea and she is 26 and from Sacramento here in California. She is travelling solo for the first time and just here for the long Labour Day weekend. We made quick friends and the shuttle finally showed. We kept chatting and booked in at the same time. She has a balcony room over looking the pool and mine is room 164 way the heck at the back. No balcony for me. Instead my high window looks out to a barbed wire fence.

As we had met each other we thought we would take advantage of it and take a walk to see what was around. As it was night it was good to pair up. She had gotten changed into a very small denim mini and small top. We found a Mexican joint and went in for a drink. She introduced me to Strawberry Margaritas. Not bad. The place was closing at 10pm so we had to rush our drinks though. So after that we walked to the 7 Eleven. She got a lot of attention from the passing traffic due to what she was wearing. She played to it though so I figured she does this a lot.

Outside of the store there was a couple of guys with a bike. Before we even reached the fridges she had headed back out to chat to them. I was left to grab the alcohol. I grabbed two mixes, one a Bahama Mama and a Hurricane. She eventually came back in and was playfully flirting with everyone. What have I gotten myself into?

The guys were still at the bike and she got to talking to the guy who owned the bike. His name is Tim and is a rather short African American. The other guy it seems is just a local drunk hanging out. We chatted for a bit then headed back to the hotel after Andrea had given her room number to Tim and they exchanged numbers.

As we headed back, a guy that was sitting at the bus stop started to follow us after Andrea said hi to him. He had a small suitcase with him and we found out that he had just been released from prison. We asked why he was following us but it didn't take a genius to figure out he was hoping to get lucky...I just didn't think it was me he was interested in!!! When we got to the hotel he took a while to get rid of and pushed for a hug at least from me which I bluntly denied.

Back at her room we had a few drinks then made few plans for tomorrow. Tim called and was on his way. Andrea seemed happy about this. I stuck around with them long enough to have a couple of drinks with them both. He had brought a Fosters beer which I found funny. I left and went back to my room alone and rather happy about that. What a day!

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