Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

In the mountains again

Starting to see snow

Skiers and snowboarders


Never touched him

At the visitor center

Good hill for sleigh riding

On our way down


AZ is very pretty

What a day! We decided to drive up to Mt. Lemmon with Gary, Jeanne and their very nice dog Lady. Beautiful day and outstanding scenery as we climbed to nearly 10,000 feet. As we got higher there was plenty of snow but the big honkin' dually handled it all with ease. Our destination was a lunch spot next to the ski slopes. We pulled into the parking lot and figured if there were no spaces we would turn around at the end up come up the exit row. Well when we got to the end of the lot it was shaped like a triangle and not a rectangle. The turn to the exit lane was a hairpin. The big honkin' dually doesn't do hairpin turns...too big and long. We got stuck with less than an inch to spare at the front and back and could not move. The ski patrol eventually found the person who's car needed to be moved for us to get out. We had many helpers trying to get us out and everyone was in a good mood about it. We have been in some tight places before but none like this. Enjoy the pics.

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