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Today I say goodbye to Florida. I'm sorry about that as I will miss the politeness of the southern people. It's the best I have come across and wish more people were like them.

So I booked out and bypassed on breakfast as I had to get some mail sent off before taking the car rental back. I found out that rules about the mailing system in America keep changing. The one that bit me in the arse was the no surface mail. That meant that I had to send everything airmail. That's going to cost. I sent two boxes which cost around $70 odd dollars each. At least the letters I finally sent off and a package for Nanna cost a lot less. Still I try to think of the positive of the stuff arriving around the same time as me.

I then took the car back and was sorry to say goodbye to it. I have rather taken to the VW convertible. But all good things must end and with a very efficient drop off process, I was quickly on the free shuttle to the airport.

I had hours till my flight but got my luggage checked through and got my boarding pass. I then decided to not hang around the outer area and decided to go through customs and find out about the vitamins.

My boarding pass had been marked with the four S's so I knew I was in for the full search. I was smiling when he came to get me from the cordoned off area. He was surprised by that and I just explained that I was expecting it. It was easy as I have been through it many times before in this country...only this country!

I got to ask the ladies about the vitamins and they let me know that I could take as many as I wanted as they are not prescription medications. Excellent. I'll check with Mum if she wants me to grab anymore.

After a long wait, I boarded the plane to find someone in my seat. It was the mother of the girl in the window seat. She got up and moved but seemed a little weird. She told me to make sure I took care of her daughter. Now her daughter was at least in her mid 20's.

We were delayed due to bad weather which annoyed a few as we had already been delayed before boarding. At least 5 times while we waited, the mother stuck her head over and asked if Rachel was okay. She then told us she was scared of flying. She didn't strike me as such and seemed more embarrassed by her mother's attention. I made mention that as she is an adult, she was probably okay. Rachel tried to hold back her giggle and just smiled and said she was. That finally shut the mother up. No offence to her but I couldn't deal with that for the whole flight.

The flight was dull as the US airlines don't exactly have great planes. So I was very glad that I had a book and lent my magazine to the girl sitting between Rachel and I. You get a free tea, coffee or juice and a pack of tiny pretzels but that's it. I have one more flight today with US and it will be the last. They just don't offer anything brag worthy. I know it is a budget airline but how does that get in Star Alliance along with the likes of Singapore Airlines?

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