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Our first Grizzly in the wild.....he was really far away.











The Dragons Mouth goes way back into the rock

Beautiful meadows and streams

Then there are these landscapes of geysers and boiling mud holes

Stay out of the way!


This was a ledge we had to drive under where they were...

The rock here looks a little like Devils Tower rock formations

Who are you little guy?




This looked like something you would see in Disney World...but it was...


Peek a boo
















This bison was HUGE!

What a great trip

There is a route through Yellowstone which forms a figure 8 to split the park into the north loop and the south loop. That is how we toured Yellowstone. I know we didn't see it all, but we sure gave it a good try. There was not a lot of time to do a substantial hike, but we did put miles on nevertheless. We figure, hopefully, there will be another time to visit the northern part of the park when we do Montana.

Each leg was around 200 miles with lots of stops. We planed it out determining where the real important stops would be, breaks, where to eat lunch, dinner and stop just because. We kept to a time schedule making sure we traveled enough miles spaced throughout the day so we would get home before it was pitch dark. We left about 8 am and would get home about 8 pm. The weather could not have been more perfect. A little chilly in the morning, but quite nice throughout the day. Not too hot. :)

I think the most amazing thing about Yellowstone is the varying terrain. The geysers are all have their unique attributes, behaviors and splendor. We were able to visit all the major locations: Mammoth, Norris, Madison, Old Faithful, West Thumb & Grant Village, Bridge Bay & Fishing Bridge, Canyon Village and Tower-Roosevelt. We also stopped to visit several waterfalls including the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. We visited every visitor center to get the National Parks book stamped. I got 8 of 9 stamps. I missed Madison because it was one of the smaller places to visit and we were running a little behind schedule.

During our week in the area, we saw our first Grizzly in the wild. Spotted him one evening along the Shoshone River between the Rex Hale Campground where we were staying and the east entrance to Yellowstone. In the park, we saw Elk, LARGE Bison swimming, crossing roads when and wherever they wanted to, hawks and eagles, and noisy little squirrels. There also is a bird I cannot identify. I am amazed it survives in the Norris area because of the seeming desolate conditions. Of course, the lake is not too far away. It looks like a shore bird.

Wonderful! So glad we had the opportunity to see another one of our countries beautiful parks. Half of the scenery and most of the critter pictures are taken while traveling down the road.

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