Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Jeanne with her brush

Me and my roller

Gary taking a carpet breather

Quite a feast


Great gathering

Deep in thought

Jeanne and Gary entertain

My turn

Charilie and Sheri share

Hard to believe this is the last official NOMADS day in Tucson AZ. Last night the folks at TMM gave us a thank you farewell dinner. It was catered by a Mexican restaurant and was fantastic. The TMM chef did a great appetizer array too. There were around 30 people and nice things were said by all. This of course after we had worked very hard again. Shirley, Gary, Jeanne and I finished painting an apartment while Gary tore out carpet in another. Charlie worked at the thrift store owned by this group cleaning carpets and Sheri continued her work touch up painting in all the children's homes. Off to work in a little while for the last day of this project. Hard to believe it has come and gone. Gary, Jeanne, Shirley and I are staying for another week and will continue to work but we can leave at any time. I have a doctor's appointment next week in Tucson, the truck needs an oil change and we have some other "business" type stuff to do. It makes sense for us to stay around and as long as the camping is gratis we might as well work too. Folks, this has been a FANTASTIC 3 weeks amd just another great experience on our journey. We are still having so much fun. Enjoy the pics.

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