Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Great concert

The kids got into the act

The congregation sings with the with choir and orchestra



Somewhere in our lives we've seen this little girl before. Looks like...

Tired but enjoying the lights

Santa was there

So were Sheri and Charlie

Zoo lights

Honest to goodness dancing elephant

Since we are catching up please read the post for 12/11 if you have not already done so. We got back to Tucson AZ at 1:00 PM Sunday. Gary and Jeanne picked us up at the airport and headed back to TMM to get Charlie and Sheri for lunch. We had a wonderful Mexican buffet. Back to the camper for showers and then to church for a fabulous Christmas Concert by the close by United Methodist Church. 70 choir members and a 30 piece orchestra. It was wonderful. This is a big church and it was full. We did not have enough yet so we headed to Zoo Lights at the Reid Park Zoo which is not far from where we all are camping. Not sure how many millions of lights they had but it was very neat and very well attended. They had Christmas music playing throughout the park and what an amazing sight we all saw. An elephant was out in his area actually dancing to the music! True, he was keeping time with his head bobbing and moving back and forward a in time to the music and he wasn't even part of the show! We are now caught up. Back to work today. Enjoy the pics.

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