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Made up of locks found by an employee at just one airport

World's largest erector model

A mould of a shark jaw. A mini could fit in it.

'Sweatheart'. The horse with two hearts

That's one big man

This moose stuck it's head in looking for food. As it couldn't...

I love skinny mirrors.

This guy was imprisoned in a bird cage...because he fit!

That's one big nose


Ripley's Believe It Or Not was first on my agenda this morning. I had thought yesterday that I would have Ihop for breakfast again but wasn't that hungry. So instead I had a banana and headed off.

I tried out a lot of the things that you put in 50 cents and get a reading. The mouth of truth gave me a read out. You put your hand in his mouth then it gives you the read out to keep. Mine says...You tend to be aggressive to satisfy your instincts. You are extremely sensitive and have very fine taste. You are materialistic by nature and tend to be sceptical. You know how to moderate your spirit of self sacrifice and you manage to be both happy and satisfied. You are extremely loyal and faithful sometimes overly so, with partners and friends alike. One of those rare brilliant marriages which often happens to the really fortunate seems to lie in store. Well however much of that is true and how much is bullshit, is up to one's own interpretation.

There are a lot of things to see in the place but my favourite's were Robert Wadlow, the really tall guy and of course the 'skinny' mirror. The place was deserted being a Monday morning so I was left to my own devices to stare and dream at my slim reflection for quite a while.

After dragging myself away pretty sure that they have me on tape somewhere for their amusement later...I took photo's of my reflection...I went through the rest of the displays. At the exit, there is a shop of course and the sales lady and myself got talking.

Her name is LaTraya and she is very interesting. She writes poems and stories about things she knows and experiences. However due to her being a African American, people won't listen to her. She actually says that St. Augustine is a very racist community. She gets to witness it first hand when people refuse to be served by her. She, like all the black American's I have come across, is polite and courteous. Yet some white people here are still living in a very bygone era of thinking that their blood is a different colour.

I really enjoyed talking with her and I got her address. She wants to write to me so I'll do my best. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a bad writer. People at home are still waiting for the postcards from Malaysia.

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