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Early morning glass.

The central area in the town of Lecco.

Not that guy again! On the ferry boat to Bellagio.

Just another beautiful lake town, we aren't sure what this one is...

Self portrait looking, with Lake Como in the background.

A very old bridge, taken from our hotel.

The streets of Bellagio.

Lisy, also in the streets of Bellagio.

Looking out onto the lake. Nice place, isn't it.

Another ferry boat, crossing Lake Lecco.

Even though it was summer, the weather can change quickly near the...

Lake Lecco from the town of Lecco.

Lost again! We probably walk twice the distance we really need to.

Another glassy view of the lake.

Coming into dock at Bellagio. It is easy to see how this...

We enjoyed the heat and beaches of Southern Italy, but we thought we were due for a change of scenery. So we headed to the far northern part of the country (near the Swiss border) to Lake Como. The area is truly beautiful and has a charm all of it's own. It is easy to see why guys like George Clooney decided to make this his home.

As you can see from the pics, the area is backed by the southern end of the Alps and has some of Europe's most prestigious cities, like Bellagio. The weather was perfect here, the crowds mello and we had a great time.

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