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A lovely spot for morning tea, on the outskirts of El Burgo...

Hard to see but snow capped mountains on the horizon

Pilgrim shadowS - S, T, S2 and M at the back ((taking...

The lads beer stomping into Reliegos

The wall of the bar at lunch

Day 17 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 880m, minimum elevation & finishing elevation = 797 m. 6 - 24 degrees. SUNNY!!.

Another beautiful day. Quite warm by 10.30 - how unusual.

The tree lined pathway that we followed yesterday afternoon continued all day today. A few undulations and overall downward trend but felt pretty flat.

At 7.5km, we made the fateful decision to walk past the first bar in El Burgo Ranero. At the other end of the village, it was apparent it was the only bar. Walk back? Not likely!! The four of us shared my half packet of biscuits and sat by a small lake with views to the snow-capped mountains. Also got to watch a stork feed it's young on the church steeple - cool! El Burgo Ranero and Bercianos del Real Camino are not as endearing villages as those previously. Mostly modern red brick homes or the old adobe (mud and straw).

The next village was 13km away. The snow-capped mountain range was ever present on our right as we walked through the agricultural land (mostly wheat and occasional poplar trees). Stopped half way and shared S2's orange.

The first bar in Reliegos was a no brainer. Queso and Jamón bocadillos all round (cheese & ham roll). Beers for M & S2. Light coke for T & S.

6 more kms along similar path to Mansilla de las Mulas. In early - 2.30pm. Our recommended Albergue - Gaia - lovely homely feel with friendly hosts. A beautiful sundrenched garden where we spent the afternoon eating crisps and drinking beers from the local gas station with other Albergue guests. A much needed lazy afternoon.

Today's distance = 26.5km

Total distance = 459km

Yellow VW count unchanged.

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