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Carpe Diem at Flanet RV

West of Allentown we encountered a major delay
We were stopped behind this...

We finally started moving—slowly

More accordian traffic

A stalled car caused the slowdown
Notice the attentive Pennsylvania troopers and tow...

Entering New Jersey at the Delaware Water Gap
You pay to leave NJ,...

Welcome to the "Garden State"

Just a mile or two inside Jersey this idiot nearly took the...

Welcome to Flanet RV

Sandi's childhood home

Tue, 07 Jun: Last leg of this portion, we'll be sitting here for a bit...

We slept fairly well considering that our bedroom was only a few feet from US 22 just outside Harrisburg. Our Camping World site was pleasant enough, and earplugs handled the traffic noise quite well.

We were up early but stayed in bed for a bit just enjoying the fact that we could. We eventually got up and readied ourselves for the day. Once breakfast was over and cleaned up we went thru our checklists and got Carpe ready for the road. Sandi moved the coach to a position where we could hook up the car and once the brake and lite tests we rolled wheels at 0822.

North on US 22 to I 81 north a dozen or so miles to I 78 east. We could have stayed on I 81 to I 80 near Hazelton, but using I 78 to Allentown would save us about fifteen miles. Turns out that was a bad idea.

About five miles west of Allentown, at 0930, traffic came to complete stop—nothing moved and there was no westbound traffic either. We turned on the CB radio and learned that a power line was down and the Interstate was closed in both directions. We also learned a few new cuss words—the CB radio bands are such an inspiration. With nothing else to do we turned on the generator and air conditioning, had some snacks, and waited.

We started to see westbound traffic forty minutes later but we eastbounders continued to sit. Turns out that a car was stalled in the left lane and all of the traffic had to squeeze down to one lane to get by. We finally got moving accordian-style and passed the stalled vehicle about 1035. There was no police or tow truck to be seen despite the fact that it had been sitting there for longer than half an hour.

Shortly after we got going again we exited I 78 for US 22 to skirt north of Allentown. There was construction on US 22 that slowed things down for a bit, but we kept moving. We transitioned to PA 33 north which moved along nicely and we finally joined up with I 80 in Stroudsburg.

We crossed into New Jersey via the Delaware Water Gap a bit before noon and almost immediately got reminded of how things are done in New Jersey. A few miles east of the state line the left lane of a two lane section was closed and traffic merged into the right lane. As the left lane narrowed by cones and barriers a Jersey idiot decided to squeeze by us and, if Sandi hadn't hit the brakes, would have taken the front off Carpe. Time to test the air horn...

Somehow we survived the next twenty some miles and arrived at Flanders and the Flanet RV park. Today's drive was 142 miles with a traffic-robbing fuel economy of exactly eight mpg.

We got a level site, but again the trees prevented the satellite dish from acquiring the satellites. This past month we've been without Dish programming for almost three weeks. Makes you wonder.

Wed, 15 Jun: We're still here...

We've been busy little retirees this past week. Visiting with Sandi's siblings and the extended family of nieces, nephews, and the even dozen (with more on the way) grand nieces/nephews has kept us on the run. We've done more night driving this past week than we generally do in a year.

We met dear RVing friends Frank and Mary Jane Peloso for lunch today. We met the Pelosos at Bar Harbor Maine in 2010 and found out that they hail from this corner of New Jersey. It was great visiting and catching up.

We had originally planned to stay only a week, but realized that we were having such a good time and had nine days to reach our next destination (Michigan) that we extended our stay. We'll now leave on Friday.

Thu, 16 Jun: Our last day in Jersey...

Today is our last day in New Jersey. We had lunch with our Brother and Sis-In-Law at the Randolph Diner. We also visited Costco and Sam Club to victual the coach for our journey. We've been eating out or at our sibling's homes that we've let our larder diminish. No more "free" meals after today.

Dinner was with the siblings and then back home to start getting ready to hit the road in the morning...

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