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One of the reasons our Aussie friend Al gravitated toward our podcast is Ken’s frequent advice, comments and rants about various technology issues, RV related and otherwise. For him this made a stop here in the Silicon Valley a special treat. So, where other tourists might have spent their time on the beautiful beaches, we have made a pilgrimage from one tech mecca to another. We started at 1 Infinite Loop, an address well known to lovers of the Mac. There is a special store on the campus that sells items not generally available in other Apple Stores. Al loaded up and Ken managed to find a thing or three that caught his eye. A keyboard that attached to his new iPad was a special find since the just came out and are in short supply, even here at the source.

Then we had a lengthy stop at Frye’s, Ken’s favorite electronics+ store. While the men did not buy anything, it took them almost two hours to investigate it all. Luckily, they had a nice cafe where Sue and I could hang out and take advantage of decent wi fi, something our campground sadly lacks. Throughout their two month trip, Sue has been stopping at special quilt stores that participate in the “row by row” experience. Each store sells a customized fabric license plate from the area coupled with a row that features a special scene, usually of the area. So we managed to fit in a few quilt store stops so she could accumulate a few more items for her quilt commemorating this trip to the US.

Our final stop yesterday was at the Technology Museum in San Jose. The reviews were correct that it was magnificent place, but it was a stop better made with a few youngin's in tow. We did enjoy the exhibit which displayed the photo views of Google Earth on giant monitors. This enabled Sue and Al to show us their home and take us on a tour around their neighborhood. We could not reciprocate since we live on a private road. The closest Google could get to us was the front gate of our community.

Before Al left Australia he got tickets to a recording of a tech video podcast that he and Ken listen to regularly. Unfortunately this takes place in Petaluma, an almost two hour drive from where we are camped. The recording did not begin until 11am, which gave us a chance to get an early start that avoided most of the San Francisco rush hour traffic. The route took us over the Golden Gate Bridge, which is always a thrill and past miles of vineyards. From my perspective the show took an interminable amount of time and Sue and I ended up bailing out and wandering around Petaluma, visiting another quilt store and looking for good lunch spots. Although I was bored to death the gleams of joy in Ken’s eyes as well as Al’s, made it all worth it.

A wine tasting stop in Sonoma was a treat. We had to pay $15 for the tasting, but got samples of wines of a caliber we never afford ourselves. Hopefully, this hasn’t ruined my taste for wine that comes out of a box. Back at the campground we had a campfire and s’mores once more. They go well with any libation!

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