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Museum - Ranger Station used in Moose The Movie

Museum - Stairway to the basement of museum (cool 3D art)

Art - What to do with your old propane bottles!!

The guys getting their reindeer hotdogs

Enjoying our lunch at the Friday Fun Fling in Palmer

Set up at the Elks Club Campground

"The Boys" taking a break at the Elks Club Campground

We headed into Wasilla to the visitor center with Henry & Veronica, went to the museum, watched a movie about the Iditarod dog sled races. Across from the museum, there were some historic bldgs. to look at, and the cartoonist Chad Carpenter "Tundra" was there to tell stories about the Alaska movie "Moose The Movie" which was filmed there using those buildings, and also to sell his comic books. We ended up purchasing the movie from him (always good to support local artists), took some pictures with him, etc...kind of like meeting a local celebrity. FYI, his cartoon does appear in the Mpls. Star Tribune. We then went over to Palmer for the "Friday Fun Fling", it's sort of like a farmer's market with food vendors and local artists selling their stuff. Ken and Henry had "Reindeer Sausage" (pretty much like a bratwurst), and Veronica and I had Tai food, all was very good. And of course we made a few purchases from the artists, again, always a good thing to support the local arts!! One funny note about the visitor center, when the gal at the visitor center was marking up the map of "places of interest", she circled Sarah Palin's house...we didn't go there!!

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