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12th March 2014

Had a great time at the folklore show. It was held in a small theatre and was lively and fast moving. Basically it told the story of the slaves first arriving from West Africa until current times and included drumming, singing, dancing and capoiera (spelling...), the latter being the kick fighting they are famous for in this area of Brazil. The show finished at about 9pm and although some of our group were going out to dinner, we had eaten earlier and were keen to go back to the hotel and get packed up for the next day. We walked along with another couple but about 300m from the hotel we ran into some trouble. A guy walked in behind us and another guy in front and we all became very alert. The guy behind grabbed Lesley´s shoulder bag (no one else had a bag at all and he didn´t get Lesley´s bag either) and her husband (being an ex-policeman)immediately reacted by swinging round and kicking the attacker in the balls, which resulted in him dropping to the ground in pain. Meanwhile the guy in front had approached David and showed him a machete under his shirt. We all shouted loudly and David told him into his face `Piss off`- seeing his mate on the ground, he backed away and we quickly moved up the street and got back to the hotel without further problems although we were pretty shaken up by the experience. The next morning, we learnt that a girl in our group whilst walking home with others, had had her bag stolen by the same pair after being threatened with a knife. We have heard of many such examples of assaults in Brazil. Still we are all well and are now in Maceio, a beach resort to the north of Salvador. This town does not feel threatening. However we will stay alert when on the streets everywhere.

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