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I wonder what the altitude is up here? Ahh... sea level.

Everywhere you look is a picture postcard.

Joe worked the entire trip.

Divante took that bear everywhere.

Another wheel cover bites the dust.

Fun bouncing at the KOA in Rocky Harbour.

Who is it?

Double-duty steering wheel.

Overflow sleeping area.

I want a new paint job!

Two days ago, we left Stephenville for a trip to Gros Morne National Park, about 120 miles north. (See Map.) In addition to our crew of 7, Hazel invited her cousin Edna and Edna's 8 year old niece Hannah, making this a full load trip. The scenery was beautiful, and we drove past Rocky Harbour up to Shallow Bay near Cow Head, planning to camp there for the first night. But, when I pulled into the camp's dump station, what happened next was right out of Robin Williams' movie "RV".

Jeff wanted to learn how to dump the black and grey water tanks, so I pulled up, got out, and fished out my tank hose, hooking it up and putting it in the dump portal. Then, I pulled the handle on the black water tank. Suddenly, there was black water everywhere. (Take it from me, they need to stop fooling around and call it what it is, brown water.) The dump station tank was full right up to the top, what a mess. Hosing everything off as best I could, we headed over to the ranger station at the camp and reported the situation. I was pretty sure the 20 year old young woman wearing the uniform wasn't up to solving the problem, but she had a telephone.

We headed back down south to Rocky Harbour, and checked in at the Gros Morne RV Campground, where my "Good Sam Club" discount was honored. They had good sewer connections at every campsite, along with water, electricity, and working WiFi. What they didn't have was any kind of view, the camp was basically a big gravel parking lot several blocks from the ocean. Location, location, location.

As I was hooking up, I saw that my driver side front wheel cover was gone. I'd lost the back two on our trip to Florida in March, and the remaining front ones were in pretty poor condition. Looking around at the other rigs in the campground, all with shiny stainless steel wheel covers, my outfit was starting to look like Cousin Eddy's camper in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation". I need to sell another airplane, or arrange a couple of ferry trips, and buy decent wheel covers.

The next morning (July 27th) we headed out to see more of Gros Morne. Our original plan was to take a boat trip in West Brook Pond (hardly a "pond", several miles long with sheer rock cliff formations) but when we discovered they wanted $58 bucks each for the 2 hour trip, a cheaper backup was planned. Sarah and Jeff would go kayaking at Norris Point, while the rest of us went swimming at a nearby lake. So, we made the scenic trip to Norris Point, dropped-off Sarah and Jeff, and headed for the beach a few miles away. What we didn't know was, when I was looking left to make the turn, Lily the Pomeranian was jumping out the right side front window. The dog is completely devoted to Sarah, and in her doggie mind, she was going kayaking.

We arrived at the beach a few minutes later, and then someone said "Hey, where's Lily??" Joe and I dropped everyone else off for swimming, and headed back to Norris Point and began to search. "Have you seen a little dog?" I asked, as I walked around. Finally, a woman said "Yes, we saw a little Pomeranian up at Frank's Store a few minutes ago". Off we went to the store, about a half a mile, and there was Lily, acting like everything was cool.

We'd passed the Rocky Harbour KOA Campground on our way, so a quick vote was taken, and we headed over and checked in. You know what to expect normally at a KOA, and this place actually had views, good WiFi, and their own swimming beach. Forty bucks later, we were camped for the night.

Today, we'll start heading back to Stephenville, but I'd like to stop in Corner Brook and see "The Newfie Bullet" on display there.

It is now about 8:30 AM Newfoundland time, and everybody except Hazel is still sacked-out. Must be the altitude (ten feet).

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