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spending the night at the Wild Horse Casino R V Camp in...

Our spot at the Blue Ox R V Park in Albany OR

Anna enjoying a little play time in the Columbia River just east...

First view from Lighthouse parking area

YaQuina Head Lighthouse

Leaving YaQuina Head at the entry gate.Also showing the entry to our...

Our rv site once we got it backed in.

All three volunteer rv's. We actually have the easiest one to get...

Making the trip to Newport was not too bad.

Our appointment at the dealership took a bit longer than expected. In addition to having them do the factory recall repair for the refrigerator and generator, we asked if they could re-install the screws that had fallen out of the pocket door. Well, the pocket door was literally hanging on by a single screw...the screws inside the wall had worked their way out too. The fix will require them to cut an access in the upper pantry wall so the rail can be properly affixed again so we just had them remove the rail for now. We will have them fix it for good when we get back to Idaho in April. We finally left Twin Falls just after 11:30 a.m.

We made it to the Wild Horse Casino R V park in Pendleton, OR at around 5pm (mst).

Check-out time was a loose 11:30 so we were on the road again by noon (pacific time) on Friday.

Our goal was to get beyond Portland, which quickly turned to getting to the other side of Salem after experiencing all the traffic. We finally made it to the east end of Albany around six p.m. We stayed at the Blue Ox R V Park. It was very clean and quiet and even had an indoor pool. We were very tired upon arrival, but this morning we were very ready to enjoy a little time in the pool and hot tub. The weather was so warm this morning that we didn't even need to wear jackets.

We got on the road today at around noon to drive the last 75 miles of our trip through Corvalis and Toledo. The road was very picturesque, mostly two lane and there were several construction zones so it took us about two hours to get to Newport. Finding the YaQuina Head Lighthouse turnoff was no problem.

After introducing ourselves to the gate attendant we proceeded to the Interpretive Center where we temporarily parked our rig. In the center we met a volunteer that we will be living next to and working with.

After scoping out our rv site we decided to wait until the park closed so we could use the entire road to get the rig backed into the site. With not having much practice Rick did a great job. The rig right next to us will be leaving on February 1 and there won't be another volunteer arriving until March 1st.

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