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Pretty much the view for an hour and a half out to...

The front gate of the new hostel. Can you guess the name...

Our bedroom in the Tree House

Our balcony!!

Smelly cat, smelllllly cat.....luckily we didn't get our laundry done here!


My first bath in a month. No change there then!!!!!


View from our room. It really was THAT close. Again - Kovic?!?!

His mate!

We would have prefered the 'Pizza Hut' but that was already taken,,,,,,

I tried some Poker.............and still lost!!!

Don't let anyone tell you your not a 'Special Kent' Lou!!!!

We left Bomvu at Coffee bay this morning for a hostel called Mantis and Moon in Banana Bay (Umzumbe).

Not much to say about today really as we mostly travelled and stuff today.

Mantis and Moon is amazing though!

Of all the hostels we have been to so far this was probably the best set-up (however it's very quiet), with a pool, jacuzzi, pool table, foozball, Table Tennis, Black Jack and Roulette table, and 4 massive dogs!!!

And our room was stunning as well.

We had booked a "Tree House" and that is exactly what we got!

The nicest room we've had by far with it's own bath in the corner of the room!

Oh and our very own monkeys swinging about outside (and on top!) of our room in the morning.

Coffee bay itself was nice and relaxed but the beach wasn't great and there wasn't anything to do there.

The hostel was cool but I don't know if you could spend more than a couple of nights here we didn't!!!


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