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Hexaganol Salt Flats in Argentina

Typical Salta street

San Francisco Church - Salta

Lots of wine Fi ???

San Pedro to Salta by Gemini bus

We travalled from San Pedro de Atacama, leaving N Chile behind for about 5 minutes. Our travels take us through the Northern Argentine borders to the mighty Iguazu falls, diverting into Brazil (Sao Paulo & Rio), then dropping back down into Argentina again.

The journey across from San Pedro de Atacama is about 12hrs so much of the day is spent on buses similar to those in Peru. Almost as soon as leaving the town, it stops at the Chilean border post, but we are over 200km from the border???

Ah, but there is nothing but desert between San Pedro de Atacama & Argentina, so noone patrols the Chilean side of the Chilean / Argentine border. So, 200km later, we are at the border for photo ops and our 6th country stamp.

One of the highlights of this transfer, is the journey through the Argentine Salt Flats. Unlike the SPdA salt flats & very much like the Bolivian Salar de Uni, there are the strange hexaganol formations in the salt.

Arriving in Salta, there is a distinct difference, from other places we have been to. Salta seems to be much more sophisticated at first glance. The welcome has been warm & friendly.

Tomorrow we have a brief look around Salta, then we transfer overnight from Salta to the San Ignacio Mission (Jesuit Mission) on the eastern side of Argentina...

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