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Coming into Puntarenas Costa Rica


Tour buses lined up

On the riverboat - termite nest in a tree

Mangrove tree with air roots



A bug on the boat

Howler monkey

Neotropical cormorants

Brown pelican

The Pacific from the safety of the Tarcoles River

Mangrove hibiscus

Brahma cattle

Roseate Spoonbills

Black Crowned Night Heron



Magic Trick #1

Chrysty was pretending to throw a knife at the banana blindfolded

The banana was pre-cut in the kitchen!

Our Captain, Roger Bilton

Florante finding the first bug!

A bug in a bun!

We arrived in Puntarenes at 7 am on May 2. We took a Riverboat Cruise here and saw some wonderful "critters"! At the end of the tour, we were served fresh pineapple and watermelon, water or some of the local beer which was very tasty. There were the usual handicrafts to look through.

Our tour guide told us that they have three classes of people which consist of poor, middle and high. The poor get a minimum wage of $500 per month, the middle get $800 to $1500 per month and the high they don't know what they make. Education is mandatory for every child and they wear matching clothing outfits. If a child does not show up for school on a given day the school will send someone to their house to see why they are not in school and if they are not sick will be forced to attend school. They have guaranteed medical, dental, prescriptions and a pension plan. Our tour guide got paid $1000 per month and his employer is required to pay 25% of his salary into the government pension plan which every citizen will receive at 65 providing they have the minimum work requirements completed.

We also ordered 10 pounds of Costa Rican coffee here which will be delivered to our address in Canada at no extra cost. The cost for this 10 pounds of coffee was $74.50

Tonight we (the whole table) decided to play some tricks on our wait staff. Larry had purchased a package of colourful bugs in the gift shop and we each put one our plates or under the bun on our sideplate or in one case - in a bun! Another fun evening. Larry has been harassing Flo and Ariel the whole time about not serving enough lobster so Flo gave Larry a piece of paper on a plate with the words "Lobster Tail" printed on it. Then we bugged them about not having enough escargot so Flo brought the head waiter over to the table and he asked if we wanted escargot the following evening, so the next night at sea, Larry and Maureen received two servings each! Yum! The head waiter came over after we ate the escargot and he asked "do you want more of those little buggers tomorrow evening". Flo also performed Magic Trick #1. He had Larry blindfolded as well as another waiter from another section. Flo gave Larry a banana to hold and through various cues the other waiter pretended to throw a knife at the banana. When Larry took off his blindfold and opened the banana it fell apart in slices. This of course was pre-done in the kitchen!

During the sea day Maureen and Larry went to another wine tasting and had a glass of Pouilly Fuisse which is a type of wine we have always wanted to try since before we were married. They also served several canapes. The food saga continues.

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