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The Wellington Beehive

The Wellington War Cenotaph

The Wellington Pariament Building

The Government Library

The Outside of the Te Papa Lord of the Rings Exhibit

The actual Venture II from Peter Jackson's King Kong

A view from the botanic gardens

I didn't fly to Wellington. The bus stopped in Picton after going through Blenheim and I took the ferry. I thought I would save some clutter on the map by using a direct trip line. I am sorry if this confuses you...Get over it.

Anyways, before we left the Kaikoura region we stopped at a different seal colony and got another photo op. We then made our way to Picton where we caught the ferry. I have heard from a few people who have been travelling north recently that this trip has been rough. When I travelled south on the same route it was no problem so I didn't know what to expect. It turns out that I spent most of the trip about 10 feet away from the washroom and required a carbonated beverage and a Gravol so I wouldn't lose my lunch. All I can say is that I didn't end up speaking with "Ralph on the big white phone", but it was close. We arrived in Wellington and I was excited, there seems to be tons to do here, although it is all low action stuff.

My first full day in Wellington I started the day by walking up to the Parliament building and taking a tour. I wanted to learn how NZ makes laws and see how different it was from Canada. Cool stuff, we even saw how the buildings have earthquake protection mechanisms. I then got lost on the walk back, sort of. I walked down Lambton Quay (why is Quay pronounced Key?), Cuba Street and and a few other streets. I wasn't lost but I sure did a lot of wandering and made a few stops. I then went to an early screening of "The DaVinci Code" at the Embassy theater. The biggest screen in the Southern hemisphere, this theater hosted the world premiere for "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King". I even splurged for a premium seat, dead center in a soft leather seat. I enjoyed the movie, but I think my ass appreciated the seat even more.

Second day in Wellington. My return to being the biggest geek in the world. I spent the day at Te Papa Museum. The whole reason I went here was for a Lord of the Rings exhibit. It was a good exhibit, but I couldn't take any pictures (A few people tried to sneak some and got caught by the security guards). This exhibit swallowed up about 4 hours of my time. The rest of the museum is supposed to be good too, but I didn't really pay much attention, I was too distracted. I may go back later. This Lord of the Rings thing has really started to control me, so please bear with me over the next while.

I will just sumarize the rest of my time in Wellington because it seems like several days have become one really long one. I went on another Lord of the Rings location tour and saw about 7 filming locations, Peter Jackson's house, where the Weta workshop is, and also saw the Venture II ship used in King Kong. This tour was different than the one from Queenstown in style but not better or worse. If you want specifics lemme know because I ended up feeling like I went to school with all the info that was given to me. I went on the cable car up to the botanic gardens, which was awesome. The views were spectacular and even though it is autumn here everything was green. I went to the Wellington City Museum to get a better idea of what Wellington is like. Te Papa is the national museum (which I ended up visiting twice). My final day it was pissing rain, my first day of rain in a long time. I watched "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" at the Embassy theater. This time I checked the seat name plates and found a few of the seats that the actors sponsored. I love this theater, it has so much character even if you exclude all the nerdy stuff that is related to it.

I heard that the Oilers are playing Carolina in the Stanley Cup finals. Go Oilers! I am just a bit pissed off that they finally decide to start winning games when I am not in the country.

My next stop is Taupo which I will be visiting twice. At this point it will just be a through stop to get back to Auckland where I will try and find a new job because my bank account is going dry.

Add this song to the playlist: "Great to be a Nerd" by the Arrogant Worms. Listen to it and you will know why. I haven't started wearing Hobbit feet yet, but if I do I give everyone permission to kill me. I haven't had many songs added to the list lately but this one was an easy one.


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