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We decided to stay in a hostel for the next three nights. Heaven is all I can say!! A nice bed, warm comforters and no need to wander far for a bathroom in the middle of the night. Oh, those things that you miss when you are not at home! The weather was cool and windy, but we still walked all over the city. It is great that Michael is able to walk for a long time again. We both like to see a city on foot and find it's a great way to explore things. Michael was very excited because we had tickets to a big rugby game on Saturday night. It was the Crusaiders vs. the Blues. Basically it is like a Calgary/ Edmonton hockey game. The two largest cities in New Zealand playing against each other. It was great fun! They started out the game with horses with knights on them riding around the field to get the fans all crazed up. Very corny, but totally fun. It is a great game to watch. I have never watched a rugby match until I got here to New Zealand. I have seen more that I can count now!

Next it was off to Hamner Springs to soak in the hot pools....

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