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im fresh off the boat from ton sai and have arrived, two hours after leaving, on Ko Lanta. it was a nice boat ride. i sat on the starboard side with my feet hanging over the edge of the boat, every now and then catching some of the salty sea spray to cool them off. andreas has decided to stay at ton sai and tweak his climbing skills. i felt the need to move on and see another place, so here i am.

i have some ideas about what id like to do. but first things first - gotta find somewhere to sleep. theres no shortage of accomodation on lanta, like all the other places with nice beaches. the hard part is finding the cheapest. that is my mission. i ask around for the cheapest place and its almost as if theyre scared to tell me. you get what you pay for here. more than likely, the place ill end up in wont be much more than a bamboo hut with a fan and a pad on the floor to sleep on. i guess we'll see.

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