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I-17 between Phoenix and Cottonwood...

It was sprinkling when we arrived at Dead Horse...

Arriving at Dick & Lou's for an enjoyable evening...

Good news. Dad had a successful pacemaker implant and has been released to go home. He is sore of course and very limited in what he's allowed to do. I understand he is being quite cantankerous, trying Mom's patience to the limit! But we are so grateful that in his weakened state he did so well. Many of you are aware that Dad has COPD and is on oxygen 24/7. That, and the fact that Ely's elevation is 6500 ft, make breathing quite difficult and very tiring for him. Apparently his weakened heartbeat was expediting his breathing as well. The doctors are hoping that this will really be a big help to him. We are too of course. Poor guy, his health issues never seem to give him a break. Thanks for all your prayers, calls and emails. We appreciate your support.

And there's more good news. The Ford dealership here located the cause of all of our truck problems! From the alternator replacement that it turns out we didn't need, to the fuel injectors that we also didn't need! It turns out what we really needed was a FICM. Fuel Injector Control Module. Apparently it has been malfunctioning for awhile, causing the red battery light, the engine diagram and most importantly the code read for bad injectors! We have contacted the Phoenix dealership and are in process of trying to get a full refund, hopefully willingly. I don't want to say too much at this time, but I will say that if they don't return our $$'s we will be fighting this all the way to the top. We have been misdiagnosed by two dealerships before arriving at the one here in Camp Verde and we are not going to let it go.

Not only did they diagnose and fix our truck issues, but Larry is there as I write this having a new Ford brake controller installed. The code search revealed that the bad controller has been causing our trailer fault, trailer disconnect lights and whistle. And our sporadic brakes, usually while on a steep grade. Of course when we reach the bottom of the mountain they always magically work again. Grrrrrrr...Larry has had many tense moments and he will be so grateful to finally have this issue fixed.

We haven't done much since arriving here at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. We planned to be here two weeks but were paying daily while waiting for news on Dad. Mom says she will stay in close contact and for us to enjoy ourselves while we are here. So, we're trying. Haven't taken my blood pressure the past few days but I can tell it's been up. Hopefully we'll start to relax a bit now. We did go to Dick & Lou's for dinner Wednesday night. They are staying at the Thousand Trails park a few miles from here. We went to the clubhouse after dinner and played card bingo. A first for us and quite fun. We didn't win anything (there were small amounts to be won), but it was fun. We started a game of hand & foot afterward, but quit half way through as it was late and we were all tired. We plan to have dinner together again this evening and will finish it then. They are having a Wii bowling tournament at the park this afternoon so if Larry is back in time we will play in it.

This weekend we plan to visit the town of Jerome and will also do a bit of exploring in Sedona. I'm ready to get out and about! Thanks for checking in and please come back again, ok? We appreciate you all so much! Have a great day...

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