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Well, things aren't going too well. We spent 5 nights in Phoenix. Our truck wouldn't start the 2nd morning when we were about to leave. You might remember we had an engine picture on our way to Phoenix and stopped in Kingman for diagnosis. We thought the issue was fixed but we took it to the Ford dealership and were told we needed new fuel injectors. $3000.00 later we thought it was fixed. We are very angry as we took it to the Ford dealer in Vegas twice the week before we left, while it was still under warranty, and told them how poorly it was starting, not charging etc. Now we are 1100 miles out of warranty and this bill was NOT covered!!

To make matters worse, we arrived this afternoon in Cottonwood after getting the truck back last night at 5:30pm, and the engine picture came back on the dash right as we were pulling in! We called the Phoenix Ford dealership and they told us to go find a Ford dealership and get the codes read to see what it is. So Larry has an appointment at 8am tomorrow to see if they can find the problem.

Also, we had the wiring for our trailer brakes diagnosed, put in a new plug and a new wiring pigtail. Thought it was fixed but it is doing the exact same thing! So, we had no brakes all the way on Interstate 17 today. Not fun on 6% downgrades! So now we have to try and deal with that.

And finally, my Mom called this afternoon. They took my Dad to the hospital in Mesquite at 10pm last night and then transferred him to St George, Utah. The cardiologist said if he didn't get a pacemaker put in immediately he wouldn't make it. So, they put one in today. He is out of recovery and in a room where someone is spending the night with him tonight. He made it through the surgery okay, now they are trying to get his breathing, oxygen, blood pressure etc under control. Mom told me yesterday morning (before all this happened) that he hasn't shaved since Feb 8th when we came to see them for her birthday. He won't eat and seldom gets out of bed for long. He is a mess and so is she. Her nerves have definitely had it. That's the first I'd heard about this, so needless to say I am very worried. And I don't know when we'll have a vehicle to drive if we need to head to Utah right away. Sure could use some prayers everyone. Sorry to be such a downer, but that's our news. Not a great day...

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