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These guys were busy

Nice they put the weather on for me as I have a...


Should I follow him?

Clear one moment....

After having a good breakfast of yogurt, cereal and one of those waffles you cook yourself...remember those Mum? It was yummy but after I packed up and headed off. At first I had intended to go south first but I was now in the direction of north so continued that way.

I got on the 95 and headed towards Cocoa Beach. It was a bit of a drive and I passed by Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach. By the time I got to Cocoa Beach I was ready to pull over for the night. I found a Motel 6 and booked in. No where near as comfy but good all the same.

Driving up 95 there isn't a whole lot to see but the roads are good and the rest stops are fantastic. They have clean bathrooms, vending machines of all kinds (including not so bad coffee) and even security. I think they are bloody brilliant. It going to be hard not to shake my head at the ones from Perth to Albany where it's just a gravel road with a bin and a wooden table and chairs if you are lucky.

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