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As I had to get up early for getting the rental car back, then the flight, then going through the time zone, having hassles picking up the car at Alamo was a pain I didn't need. The shuttle to get there wasn't too bad to locate but the service at the office is really bad.

The staff are grumpy and somewhat inept. People are told one thing to find out another, paperwork mysteriously disappears and only one staff member for all non American licence holders. Absolute crap.

When I finally got served, I was interrupted by another couple that had no end of troubles sorting the car out. It was endless and all I could do was try to be polite and not fall asleep at the desk. That wouldn't be a good look as I was about to drive one of their cars away.

Finally I got the paperwork done and paid for an upgrade after being talked into it. I was too tired to fight and I think she knew it. The first car I tried had a flat battery. So I dragged my stuff out of the boot and watched as others had problems as well. The second car I got started and to the gate couldn't be taken as it had been sold and someone had not noted it on the windscreen. I had to back out and try again. Dragging my luggage out again I was not a happy girl. The guy that was dealing with all us unhappy paying customers told me to just take a convertible and that it wouldn't cost extra.

Hmmm so the night was improving. The boot was too small for both bags so one had to go on the back seat. It is a VW convertible which is just so cute. After he showed me how to put the top down and back up, I was on my way. I headed off and wanted out of Miami but not to far as I was too tired to drive for long. I ended up seeing a Comfort Suites and with wonderful memories of them, in I went. It cost me a bloody fortune as it was Friday night but my body didn't care. The bed was so comfortable and I sunk into it. Finally I am in Florida.

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