Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Gary & Phyllis joined us for our morning break

Our Team

The Festive Lights?

A little closer

How can we celebrate Christmas without Publix?

Our 3 inch tree

Our new miniature nativity

Christmas! I had a wonderful birthday and now the Christmas season can begin in earnest! It's also beginning to feel alot like Christmas...over night lows in the high 20's with a hard freeze warning. Our NOMADS activities scattered us over several locations and many different tasks. Gary & Phyllis, overseeers of Arizona NOMADS projects, visited with our team and treated us to homemade cookies. Delicious!!! We all had a full day of work and then another potluck with pizza, salad and a humorous DVD: Thou Shalt Laugh. Enjoy the pics.

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