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This was my last night so I stayed as close as possible to the airport. One again I spent more and had a bit of comfort. The day was kind of dull and there really is nothing to tell. I spent time making sure I was packed properly and got the car cleaned and fuelled up.

Actually that is the only thing I will comment on. The car wash was almost useless. When I got back to the hotel I had to go over the car with the window wipes that I had bought earlier and finish cleaning the car. You could still see the marks from the windscreen wipers. Not good but it did give me something else to do.

I do leave tomorrow and I hope to return one day. Ireland is bloody fantastic and I have really enjoyed it. Quite frankly it has moved up to my favourite country to visit. The people are fantastic, the accent is the best and there is some really beautiful sceanery. Visit if you can.

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