Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Transportation Museum

Locomotive 1673

NIce shot Shirley

Wyatt on the left and "Doc" Holiday

Tucson Mountains

The valley


Saguaro cactus


Sugar Pops Pete

Pete's profile

Here kitty (Bobcat)

Magnificent Hawk

We called him "Theodore" Beaver Cleaver

Gotta be kiddin' me

Don't touch

This wolf looks a lot like a dog

White tailed deer

Mountain Lions

Oh such a rainy night in.......Arizona

Not really. We LOVE being NOMADS but as we are on our 3 day weekend we get to due a bit of exploring. Not sure what our fellows did but we headed West to downtown and the Visitor's Center. They filled a bag with stuff to do. First, a couple of blocks away was the historic Tucson Rail Depot and the Transportation Museum. We have seen better BUT not a place where Wyatt Earp killed a man who had killed his brother. Nice area with a farmers market and entertainment. Then we headed to the hills, literally. The Tucson Mountains were excellent. Desert and mountains mixed together. We stopped into the Desert Museum and learned a lot. I know we are not supposed to learn anything on vacation but..... We stopped into the Saguaro National Park and saw a fascinating video on desert life and those who live there. The drive was nice too. The weather has taken a turn to cool and rainy. It did hold off for most of our day even though the temps were in the upper 40's. Still having a GREAT time and the camper doesn't leak like our tent did 35 years ago. Enjoy the pics.

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