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Neytiri, a 'Na-vi' Princess, the girl you learn to love!

Today Larry and I went to see the movie 'Avatar 3D'. We'd been told by several family and friends that this film was a must see. And not to wait for video rental, it's a BIG screen, BIG audio flick. We resisted for awhile because science fiction, 'weird' movies aren't really our thing. I have to admit, IT WAS AWESOME! On a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 9+ Why?

The first scene let me know that I was going to see something special. You don't go fifteen minutes between amazing reveals of animals, set pieces, characters, or technology. The scale is ridiculous. The 3D effects are used to great effect, and never feel cheesy or tacked on. There were vistas that took my breath away. This is a gut-wrenchingly beautiful film, and it can feel over-analyzed—what wouldn't with this amount of work being put into it—but it's above all an amazing piece of wizardry.

If you know nothing about this film, perhaps this will give you an idea of what to expect.

The humans are on a moon called Pandora to mine a substance known as "Unobtanium". We get dropped hints that Earth itself is dying, or is at least completely industrial. Pandora is the exact opposite: lush, brightly colored, and exploding with life.

There is one particular scene where the action slows down to show how a character got out of a jam, and my mind told me, "Oh, I can tell that we switched over to CGI." The problem is that the entire scene was comprised of impossible animals and a blue-skinned alien; there had been nothing "real" onscreen in quite some time. Objects interact with one another with actual weight, and the internal scenes with human actors are blended with the epic scale of Pandora well. The alien atmosphere is pressing on every wall. The 'Na'vi', likewise, are brought to life with skill and grace. After a few minutes you'll be taking what you're seeing for granted.

So, that's a brief review that I hope doesn't spoil it for you in case you've decided to give it a look. I wouldn't mind seeing it again myself!

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