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SAWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!! And I'm wearing the lightest things I own just in case!!!

Yeah I make this look GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! Lets just hope there's an old...

The Pro Skydivers (Jealous much!). My one's top left - Brad Rock!!!...

My instructor bottled out when he saw me!!!

Practicing the handshake with the camera man on the way to the...

Hold on tight, here we go!!!!

Just about to jump out of the plane with my 'Man Rucksack'!!!

Brimming with confidence eh!!! Brad "Wolf Man Hand" Rock gave himself a...


Adios plane, hello terminal velocity!!!

New Zealand's really steep by the way.......

Is that a skydiving instructor on your back on are you just...

Wave your hands up in the air like you just don't care..if...

That's the money shot right there!!! Our plane and the moon in...

Shaking the camera mans hand. Not impressed?!?!? Hey man you try shaking...


We caught a thermal and started heading out to sea!!!! Not really....

Wierdly there was an eclipse in Taupo at exactly the same time....

Floating back down to Earth.

Some more floating!

Let's do that again!!!!!! Toooo easy man!!!!!

Happy much!!!!!!

There's 2 ways to make me smile like this - Skydiving or...

Yeah Brad - YOU ROCK!!!! .....platonically of course. Let's not go THERE...

Well here it is ladies and gentlemen, the piste de resistance, the climax to our New Zealand Extremeness, the long time coming and undoubtabley not worth waiting for final act in this charade of an adventure!!!!

Right, now let's think back......!!!!!!

Ok this morning we woke up to the sound of the heavens peeing on my skydiving hopes and dreams!

Being our last day of being able to do anything major and from our rather frustrating non-experience with the dolphins down at Kaikora, the omens weren't looking good.

I gave them a call at about 9am (not the omens!) to see if it was still on and thankfully they said it was as luckily it was starting to brighten up.

So we headed over to the Taupo airfield for 10.15am by which time we got there it was bright sunshine! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

The last hurdle to get past then was the.....ehem.....weight limit!!!

Bungee Jumping is cool because you can pretty much be any weight as they just keep adding more elastic bands to your feet, however skydiving is whole different kettle of fisheroonies.

The weight limit is 101.3kg's, no argument - so I made sure I wore my lightest clothes! Boardies and a T-Shirt, but I would have done it in speedos (or worse) if I had to!!

Anyway I got weighed and I was 99.3kg's. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!

Then she told me I couldn't jump in flip flops so I had to put my trainers on instead and got weighed again........................101.3kg's exactly!!!! 0.1 kg's heavier and I couldn't have done it. It was meant to be man!!!

After this I got suited up in a rather fetching boiler suit and watched the safety videos all still in complete disbelief that I was finally gonna do something that I've wanted to do for 15 years!!!

We then met our instructor type people who we would be strapped onto - my one was Brad Rock (his real name!!) who I'm sure did a double take when we spotted me ("I'm carrying that!!").

After Brad put another back support on we all made our way out to the plane (me and 3 other girls - Em at this point was sunning herself at the runway cafe smuggly waving me off!).

So we all piled into the plane and luckily Brad was the last instructor on (probably writing his will out as he "didn't have a good feeling about this one!"). I say lucky because it was 'last on in, first one out' which obviously meant I was first out. It didn't really bother me at the time but when I talked to the other girls afterwards they said when they saw what was in store for them as I dissappeared out of the door they all started to crap 'em!!

So here we were, 15,000 feet up, over Lake Taupo in New Zealand, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the only thing left to do issssssSSSSSSHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!

That was it, out we went!




It was so wierd though, technically it's obviously one of the most dangerous things you can do but it seemed so safe and surreal that you just didn't panic or spaz out at all.

I didn't even notice EARTH hurtling towards us at a million miles an hour, and the 90 seconds freefall seemed like a life time.

Thinking back now I fancy getting in a plane this second to do it again. Perhaps without Brad on my back though!

I'll say again, amazing :)

Brad pulled the chute at the normal height and we just floated down for about 5 minutes.

He told me to hold on to a couple of the handles above my shoulders if I wanted to while we were decending, but whatever I did don't pull the handles 1 centimeter away from those ones otherwise we'll be freefalling again! For a nanosecond it did cross my mind but being a grown up I resisted.

We landed so soft and easily as well. Obviously Brad having jumped over 20,000 times had something to do with it but again I was suprised at the illusion of safety of it all.

Em greeted me at the bottom, happy that I was alive.............and sad/angry that she hadn't done it as well!!

We were half tempted to stay here so she could do one but as it was a bit pricey we decided to head on up to Auckland tonight (as we have to return the baked bean, and fly home from there tomorrow :( ).

There is a tower jump from the Sky Tower which Em's hoping to get time to do tomorrow (go on girl!!) but we'll have to see as we have to sort out a few things in the morning.

We camped up at the same Campsite place that we had stayed in when we first headed out of Auckland as it was the closet one to it.

We had to sort the van/all of our crap out tonight - but some fud and a couple of beer seemed to take the sting out of it a little.

What a day, what a day.


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