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Union soldiers marching in


Shooting of the artillery guns



Going to get chairs & lunch

Our rig as viewed from our perch at the re-enactment











Marching forward



Ring of smoke from artillery gun


Taking aim

Downed soldiers

Surrender of Confederates to the Union









Ranger giving an interview on the Re-enactment

When is lunch ready?

Living quarters


Men's leather jacket for sale


Lots of color

Chest anyone? For Sale - $30.00

My Love!

Quilts & Fabric for sale

We started our day off thinking we were going hiking, but we found ourselves discovering something unexpected to check out. As we were getting ready this morning we heard and felt this big boom. It scared me, but you should have seen poor Packwood! He spent most of the day hiding in his kennel. We learned that there was going to be a Civil War Re-enactment going on adjacent to the park so, we wondered over around 9:45 to check it out.

The Civil War Re-enactments are performed yearly on one Sat & Sunday during the month of March. There are over 200 Re-enactors living in authentic Civil War camps. They are all volunteers and provide all their own guns, ammo, clothes & camp equipment. They performed battle re-enactments of Valverde, Glorieta Pass and Picacho Pass. Vendors were selling period merchandise. We stood behind the artillery guns and watched the Valverde re-enactment. We walked backed to camp to download our pictures and then went back for lunch. But the lines were too long, so Len found a spot to sit and I went back to camp for chairs and lunch. We sat on the hillside and enjoyed the Glorietta Pass re-enactment.

The Valverde battle took place in New Mexico on Feb. 21st, 1862. The Confederates were victorious in this battle.

The Glorieta, New Mexico battle took place on March 28th, 1862. The Battle of Glorieta was a Union victory.

We didn't catch the Picacho Pass battle of April 15th, 1862 but, twelve Union cavalry troops and one scout were conducting a sweep of the Picacho Pass area looking for Confederates reported to be nearby. They discovered and captured 3 feds, but didn't see the other 7 confederate soldiers before they opened fired. During the skirmish 2 Union men were killed and 3 wounded. More than an hour later, both sides withdrew from the scene.

It was a fun day, maybe we will get to that hike tomorrow before we head home.

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