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Grandma and Miss Jasmine enjoying Barney??? LOL

All done, I'll turn it off, ok?

Time for a snack...

Grandma, Papa stole Barney!...

And Uncle Larry's huggin' Big Bird!

Like my new haircut?

Aunt Bonnie's drawing with me...

Our wonderful 'strawberry bouquet'...

Larry's anxious to put it down so he can get started on...

But I got first dibs, delicious! Thanks guys!

Miss Jasmine arrived around 3pm yesterday to entertain us while her mommy and daddy enjoyed their 'Valentine's Date'. Oh my, does this child have a ton of energy. Fortunately there were four of us to keep up with her! She made us laugh a hundred times and continues to amaze us with her vocabulary and general knowledge. We are so proud of her parents we just have to brag on them a little, LOL. It's obvious the time and attention given to her in 'life schooling' as well as ABC's and 123's. And manners, which include please, thank you and okay! Yesterday she noticed a school bus with the stop sign extended and announced, 'octagon'.... Good job guys! Okay, enough bragging for today.

This morning we attended church and then enjoyed a late breakfast before going to a matinee with Bonnie & Larry.

We considered seeing Avatar in 3D, but finally decided to put that on hold for another day. Instead we went for Edge of Darkness with Mel Gibson. A good film, although a bit bloody and sometimes sad. On the movie rating scale, we'd give it an 8 out of 10. Guess the title should have been a clue that we wouldn't be seeing a love story!

Still, an enjoyable way to spend our Valentine's Day afternoon. Later, we considered ordering pizza or going out for dinner, but ultimately decided to steam king crab legs and corn-on-the-cob at home. Yummy, a great decision! We enjoyed a homemade lemon meringue pie for desert, compliments of Bonnie.

And finally, I want to explain the unique 'flower bouquet' you'll see in today's pics. It consists of a vase filled with Valentine M & M's topped off with assorted 'chocolate covered strawberry 'flowers'! Oh my goodness! They are the sweetest berries I've had in years. Larry & Tawnia gifted both Bonnie and I with one, as well as a plate of heart-shaped sugar cookies. We all know that Tawnia did all of the assembling and baking, but she let Larry share in the compliments! Thanks again honey, we are enjoying our 'bouquet' tremendously.

Today is our nephew Kenny's birthday. Due to his recent move to Reno, it's the first time we haven't celebrated it together in many years. So Ken, if you're reading this, Happy Birthday! We missed you and wish you a wonderful year to come!

And finally, we hope you all had a wonderful day with your sweetie/loved one. I realize many holiday's have become very commercialized, including this one, but for us it was a day to be just a little more kind and cuddly than usual. I liked it, LOL! Goodnight...

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