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Portrush was the place I decided to base myself today. There are a number of places you can stay near the Giants Causeway but this one appealed to me the most. It a nice town and seems really friendly.

The Giants Causeway is a bunch of rocks that are of odd appearance. They are hexagon in shape as well as others and have a couple of theories as to the reason they are that way. Of course the scientific reasoning makes full sense but the theory way is more fun.

The geology way is off course that the rocks were formed by the cooling of the molten basaltic lava. Due to it cooling from top and bottom inwards, it caused the shapes. Erosion did the rest.

The Mythology way says that an Irish giant by the name of Finn MacCool built it so he could walk across to Scotland to fight the giant there by the name of Benandonner. To cut the story short, the causeway was ripped up when Benandonner fled from Finn thinking mistakenly that he was bigger. There are similar rocks in Staffa in Scotland.

I headed in and was not surprised at the crowds. You could still get some good shots and it is very interesting to look at. I knew I wanted to come here for a reason. I got some decent shots and instead of walking back up the hill to get back, I cheated like everyone else and took the shuttle back. Walking down is easy but up again, no one looked at anyone else like they were cheating.

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