Bob and Shirley's Great Adventure 2011-12 travel blog

Measure twice cut once

Gary and Jeannie getting ready

The official NOMAD car

Sheri is off to prune

Charlie painting the railing

Shirley putting up the blinds

The team sans one getting ready to enjoy a taco dinner

After Wed night services a little ice cream hit the spot at...

Yesterday we did a little switcheroo. The guys teamed up painting around the main campus while the girls went about a mile away to another low income apartment complex and did sweeping, pruning, trash pic up and generally making the outside shine. After lunch Shirley began working on electric, blinds, and shelving for the chef's new office while the guys painted and the two other ladies continued with their clean up. I also got the trains working and staying on the track, decorating them for Christmas. They run above the kitchen and can be seen coming out and going into a tunnel. That was fun. A note for any of our Atlanta area friends who are familiar with the housing provided to the refugee families. These units look nothing like those. These are complexes you and I would live in. Sorry for the late post but we had computer problems. We are enjoying the work and our new friends so much. Enjoy the pics.

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