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Driving through Miami

Mami skyline

Fabulous tree canopy

JC sitting in the emergency room with Jimmy Doodles blanket

Hiking trails

Delicate wildflower

Kayak opportunity

Osprey Nest



View from the highest point in this part of Florida


The Atlantic at Jupiter, Florida

Saw grass and lodge pole pines

This week we were at a Jonathan Dickinson State Park. This is a great location! Hiking, kayaking and nearby is the ocean and the upscale town of Jupiter.

The visit here had a lot of promise until 2am the 3rd night when JC was struck down by Vertigo. It turned out that he dove a little too deep on our snorkeling adventure last week. He will be taking Bonine to help fight nausea and the effects of no equilibrium. Watching someone have no sense of balance is very eerie. I can't thank John & Carol enough for being there for us. We were in a large campground in the middle of the night that had a locked gate. John efficiently directed the ambulance to our location. At the time, Carol and I thought JC was having a heart attack.

This knocked the snot out of JC and left us as home bodies. The doctor said it could take as much as a month to completely recover. We sure hope it will be sooner than that. We have places to see and things to do!

I did do a hike with John and Carol. We also did some touring before JC's vertigo attack.

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