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Sue and Charles making sure we were definitely going!!!

Juuuuuuust like home!!!

The clock tower in Straters in full swing.

And it allllll ends happily ever after!! She doesn't look THAT impressed...

Classy girls with their Guiness Moustaches!!!

Michelle's mo!

Em's scarey mo!!! She is soooooooo photogenic when she's sozzled!!!

And little baby Ester with her mini-mo!!!


After a lovely evening and the best sleep we have had in ages, we had brecko and left Sue and Charles around 9.30am (thanks again for having us guys!)

It turns out that Stratford has a rather unusual clock which goes off 4 times a day and seeing as it went off at 10am we decided to stick around and see what it was all about.

It is actually a glockenspiel clock where Romeo and Juliet statues pop out and they play a scene from Romeo and Juliet out loud! very random but really fun!

We are heading back to Rotorua as Michelle and Esther are there and seeing as we were heading back to Taupo anyway we decided to have our St Paddy's day evening out with them.

We met in the Lava bar (which had free pizza!) but as soon as the pizza had gone it all got a bit quiet! although we did bump in to Andy (Natalie's friend from the episode where we had to get up on stage and.....well I think you all remember that one!) So we all went on to an Irish bar.

It was sooooo packed and not that great so we headed on to another one where they had a live band and had a really good night! We then headed back to the Lava bar where we started the evening off and finished there around 3 ish.......Ohh after trying to get in to someone elses spaceship! one parked right next to ours and we opened the door and I stepped in and some poor guy shouted Oii!!..... Whoops!!

I don't know if it was anything to do with the excessive amounts of booze we drunk tonight but the smell in Rotorua seemed a lot worse this time!

Really great to see Esther and Michelle again! we have decided to meet up tomorrow and do something before we all leave......but what will it be???.....tune in to find out!!

Didely deeeeeeeeeeeeeee

p.s. we only have a couple of pics at the mo as our battery died so we are waiting for Esther and Michelle to put them on facebook and then we will put them on here.....but we will probably be home by you won't really care!!


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