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Row after row of rigs parked at the rally



The big ones weren't nearly as loud as the Harrier jets

Lots of vendors

More vendors

Coffee and doughnuts every morning

You can see here how close they were

Touch and go

Harrier jet coming in for a touch and go

Nick Russell talking to the group

Nick Russell publisher of the Gypsy Journal

J.C. and Bev are parked to our right


We left Mesa about 10:30 Sunday morning following J.C. and Bev Webber in their 40' Country Coach motorhome heading toward Yuma for the 2010 Gypsy Journal Rally, which was to be held at the Yuma Fairgrounds. It was very windy and rained like crazy for periods of time along the way, but fortunately it stopped raining by the time we arrived at the fairgrounds. It was still pretty muddy, but not so muddy that anyone got stuck.

We did the early arrival thing, so after getting set up we had some time to just hang out. We thought it might be just a few early arrival people, but it ended up that about 185 of the 221 who came to the rally also did the early arrival, which along with the rain and mud nearly overwhelmed the parking volunteers. They did a great job, however, and we got parked in a timely manner.

The fairgrounds is located right next to the Marine Corp Air Station and there were airplanes coming and going a lot of the time. They were extremely loud which made it very hard at times to hear the speakers at the seminars. Other than that it was a good rally, and we got a lot of things accomplished because of all the vendors and repair people who were there.

The 2011 Gypsy Journal Rally is going to be held at the Yuma Fairgrounds again and Nancy and I are undecided as to whether we would do it again or not. The airplane noise was a problem for me, less so for Nancy. We'd both like to do a Newmar rally sometime, so likely we'll try to hook up with a local Newmar chapter and go to one of their rallies.

I really like the Dutch Star in every way except the fuel mileage. No matter what I do I can't seem to do better than between 6 and 7 mpg, mostly in the 6.5 mpg range. Others that I talk to with bigger and heavier rigs with bigger engines say that they do considerably better than that. We filled up at a Flying J near the campground and got 6.33 mpg on that tank. We did, however, drive thru pretty heavy quartering wind most of the way from Mesa, and some on our trip from Yuma to the campground yesterday. Several weeks ago we took a trip to the Tucson area to camp at Catalina State Park campground and didn't tow the Ranger. I thought that I would get considerably better mileage, but if fact it made no difference at all. I was still under 7 mpg.

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