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Just got back from spending 3 hours at the emergency room. My honey decided to try and cut his finger off today! Well, maybe not off but he certainly didn't do it any good. 5 stitches, a couple of x-rays and a tetanus shot later they cut him loose. Guess he thinks what's good enough for me is good enough for him as well! You might remember that I cut my finger in Custer, SD last summer and had stitches sewn into my thumb. However, I walked into the emergency room and 40 minutes later I was out of there, stitches, shots and all! One of the perks of a neat small town versus the BIG city, LOL! Anyway, he has a large bandaged hand but he's fine. Now he's claiming he can't do any WORK for the next 10 days! Near as I can figure that gets him almost up until Nascar race day??? Nice planning Dear, LOL!

Larry's appointment with the skin doctor went well yesterday. We were a bit worried about spots on both his face and back, but they are apparently not a problem. Doc said they were caused by too much sun in his younger days. One of the many perks of aging. Beats the alternative though!

I spent the day repacking and cleaning out closets, drawers etc. Only a couple of weeks before we head out. Tomorrow we are babysitting Miss Jasmine while Larry & Tawnia celebrate Valentine's Day. They have other commitments on Sunday so they're celebrating a day early. And finally, Monday we're making a day trip to Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. It's been many years since we were there. The weatherman is predicting beautiful, sunny, warm weather. Sure hope he's right!

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