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One of the first things I came across today was a car accident. I car had taken the corner too fast in the rain and flipped onto it's roof. It looked pretty fresh so I pulled up to see if anyone was in there. Luckily there wasn't but it looks like their holiday is over.

I passed through Westport where I went and did some shopping but found no clothes. I really am getting desperate for some new ones as the clothes I have are falling apart, being held together by pins and have changed colour.

I wanted to get close to the border at least today and made it to Letterkenny. It's not far from Derry which will be the first big city I will come across in Northern Ireland. Now Northern Island is part of the UK which means that they have the Pound.

The Northern Pound is their local currency and even though it is still pounds and has the same value, it is rarely accepted in England. That of course means that I will have to change any over to either Euro or US before I leave Ireland. Just to play it safe.

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